Др Дарко Ашанин

Звање: Научни сарадник
Образовање: Доктор наука-хемијске науке
Лабораторија: Биоорганска и бионеорганска хемија


  • Адреса: Институт за информационе технологије Крагујевац, Јована Цвијића бб, 34000 Крагујевац.
  • Електронска пошта: darko.asanin@uni.kg.ac.rs
  • ИБИ (Идентификациони Број Истраживача):AJ066

The reactions of essential metal ions (Zn(II), Cu(II), Fe(III) and Co(III)), as well as of medicinally important metal ions (Ag(I), Pt(II), Au(III), Bi(III), Ga(III) and Ru(III)) with bacterially-derived natural products (pyocyanin, pyrrolnitrine, pyoverdines, undecylprodigiosin and staurosporine) will be investigated under different experimental conditions (molar ratio of the reactants, temperature, solvent, pH) using spectroscopic, potentiometric and electrochemical methods. Based on the obtained results, the synthesis of metal complexes with these natural products will be performed. The complexes will be characterized using elemental microanalysis, spectroscopy (NMR, IR, UV-Vis), mass spectrometry, and in the case of the complexes in crystalline form, X-ray structural analysis will be done. The stability of the synthesized complexes will be investigated using spectroscopy (NMR and UV-Vis) by recording their spectra at different time intervals (t = 0, 24 and 48 h) after their dissolution

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