Др Снежана Вуловић

Звање: Научни сарадник
Образовање: Доктор наука – машинско инжењерство
Лабораторија: Примена информационих технологија у инжењерству


  • Адреса: Институт за информационе технологије Крагујевац, Јована Цвијића бб, 34000 Крагујевац.
  • Електронска пошта: vsneza@kg.ac.rs

PhD Snežana Vulović has a wide experience in development and research in Finite Element Method (FEM): algorithms for solution of contact problem, algorithms for solution of coupled problem in flow through porous media, including heat transfer and multiphase flow, algorithms for solution of low and high fatigue, as well as in development of finite element models of complex structures for the industry and evaluation of obtained results. PhD Snežana Vulović is dedicated to competence modeling of complex structural system for analysis by FEM, cooperates and consults product design engineers to improve the design, quickly master new software, apply its full range of capabilities and to design systems for quick access to vital information, as well as create formal reports and documenting results.

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