Dr. Dušica Simijonović

Scientific title: Senior Research Associate
Education: PhD in Chemistry
Laboratory: Bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry


  • Address: Institute for Information Technologies Kragujevac, Jovana Cvijića bb, 34000 Kragujevac.
  • E-mail: dusicachem@kg.ac.rs

The main part of the research includes the synthesis of potentially biologically active organic and metal-organic compounds. The synthesized compounds belong to the group of phenolic Schiff and Mannich bases, coumarin derivatives, as well as to the group of nitrogenous heterocyclic molecules that contain a piperidine, pyrazolone, pyrazole or pyrazolo-phthalazine unit in their structure, and often a phenolic part. Syntheses are mainly realized using “tools of green organic synthesis”. The structural characterization of the obtained compounds is performed using various experimental and theoretical techniques. Also, a significant part of the research is determination of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of the obtained products using various in vitro tests.

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  3. Dušica Simijonović, Evangelia-Eirini Vlachou, Konstantinos E. Litinas, Zorica D. Petrović, Vladimir P. Petrović, Synthesis, structural characterization, and molecular docking study of new phthalhydrazide-coumarin hybrids, Journal of Molecular Structure, (2021), vol. 1226, str. 129366. DOI: 10.1016/j.molstruc.2020.129366.
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