Dr. Zoran Marković

Scientific title: Principal Research Fellow
Education: PhD – Chemical Sciences
Laboratory: Chemoinformatics and molecular design


  • Address: Institute for Information Technologies Kragujevac, Jovana Cvijića bb, 34000 Kragujevac.
  • E-mail: zmarkovic@uni.kg.ac.rs
  • IBI (Researcher Identification Number): AX239

Prof. Dr. Zoran Marković studies the mechanisms of antiradical action of natural compounds against free radical species using thermodynamic and kinetic approaches. Prof. Dr. Zoran Marković deal with investigations at the level of structures – the antiradical activity of selected coumarin derivatives according to biologically important reactive oxygen species (hydroxy, peroxy, superoxide anion, ascorbyl and chlorinated methylperoxy), reactive nitrogen species (nitrogen monoxide), as well as model radicals (DPPH and ABTS). Аlso, he deal with investigations of anti-radical mechanisms (HAA, RAF, HAA-RA, RAF-HAA, RAF-SPLET, SPLET and SET-PT), in different solvents, and based on thermodynamic and kinetic parameters, the dominant mechanism of antiradical action will be determined. Based on the values of the kinetic parameters, an insight into the speed of the deactivation reaction of free radicals by the tested compounds will be obtained. In addition, prof. Marković deal with the synthesis and characterization of coumarin derivatives and their transition metal complexes, as well as in vitro testing antioxidant/pro-oxidative activities. Additionally, it will deal with the investigation of protein-ligand interactions of coumarin derivatives with selected proteins.

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