Momčilo Prodanović

Scientific title: Junior Research Assistant
Education: Master in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering
Laboratory: Bioengineering


  • Address: Institute for Information Technologies Kragujevac, Jovana Cvijića bb, 34000 Kragujevac.
  • E-mail:

My research interests are developing multiscale computational models of biophysical systems and tissues at different temporal and spatial scales tightly coupled to experimental data. In recent years, I have been intensively engaged in elucidating the mechanisms of muscle contraction, as well as analyzing and modeling the impact of cardiovascular genetic diseases and drugs on the functioning of the heart muscle. Moreover, I’m working on the development and refinement of computational platform for realistic simulations of muscle contractions, MUSICO, as well as the development of software and methodology for the interpretation of X-ray diffraction patterns in living muscle fibers and the prediction of equatorial patterns in the diffraction image of muscles, MUSICO-X.

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