Objectives of the institute

The objectives of the Institute are: encouraging multidisciplinary scientific research; application of information technologies; research and experimental development in natural-mathematical, medical, technical-technological sciences and social-humanistic sciences; development and participation in the implementation of national and international projects; research and development of laboratory and semi-industrial technologies; auxiliary scientific-research activity: scientific documentation, standardization, methodology, patent documentation etc., consultative services and development studies in the field of chemical, biological, physical, mathematical, medical, technical and social-humanistic sciences.

The University will strive to accredit new attractive IMT study programs in the forthcoming period, which will be implemented directly at the University. Moreover, researchers employed at the Institute could be hired in these study programs.

The return of the scientific Diaspora will be one of the priorities at the Institute through various international programs such as the ERA Chair, ERC, Horizon 2020 and other grants.