Tamara Todorović

Scientific title: Junior Research Assistant
Education: Master in Chemistry – research and development
Laboratory: Bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry


  • Address: Institute for Information Technologies Kragujevac, Jovana Cvijića bb, 34000 Kragujevac.
  • E-mail: tamaratasha34@gmail.com
  • IBI (Researcher Identification Number):

Based on the fact that alizarin derivatives, as well as vanillin-based compounds, exhibit a wide range of diverse biological activities, it was assumed that molecules containing both fragments in their structure could potentially show improved bioactivity. For this reason, a series of carbohydrazides obtained starting from O-alkylated vanillin derivatives were synthesized. In the next step, the synthesized compounds were used as substrates for the reaction with an alizarin derivative, whereby diacyl hydrazine was formed. The mentioned alizarin derivative was also synthesized by acylating alizarin itself using ethyl bromoacetate and subsequent hydrolysis of the formed ester to the corresponding acid. It is planned to continue the synthesis of new diacyl hydrazine derivatives, their purification, detailed structural characterization using various spectroscopic methods, as well as preliminary testing of their potential biological activity. In addition, the obtained diacyl hydrazines can be subjected to an intramolecular cyclization reaction, whereby heterocyclic compounds are formed.